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Gift Cards

  • An easy gift to show someone you care. 
  • Or shop for yourself and support the Coop at the same time! 
  • You get to check out quickly, and the coop benefits by having the cash for inventory up front!  
  • Once you purchase your gift card, simply bring your receipt or your ID into the Coop the next time you shop. Your funds will be ready to use at checkout.

Become a Member!

Coop Members are the Owners of this store!

  • For a $20 annual fee, members receive a 10% discount on almost all retail items, rebates, and enjoy specials just for members.
  • Households with SNAP benefits and during special promotions, memberships are $10 a year.
  • A Lifetime Membership requires an investment of $300.
  • ​Cancer Support participants receive their membership for free.

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