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​​Store Hours:  Monday - Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

314 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte Suite F, Taos, NM • 575-758-3840 •

Group Ordering Now

Delivery or Drive-up Orders

For ease of ordering for delivery or pick up, simply get in communication with us by email.  Write your grocery list as you normally would, i.e., 4 apples, 2 lb white flour, Kleenex. carrots, 3 Taos Mtn Energy Bars. toothpaste. etc.  Copy the list into an email, and include your phone number.  Send to us at

We will call you and let you know what we have, so you can confirm what you want before committing to the order.  There is no charge for pick up.  There will  be a $5.00 charge for delivery, which goes to the driver for fuel.  We will go as far south as LLano and as far west as the Old Blinking light, and will meet you at KTAO or San Francisco de Asis Church parking lot if you are are farther.

More Info - Group or Bulk Ordering

We are now ordering every two weeks from Golden Organics and from Frontier as well.   Members can go in with our orders for Golden Organics and Frontier Coop. The advantages for you are the vast selection of items and even lower prices than our low retail prices.  

Golden Organics is the best source for dry items such as rices, flour, beans, certain spices, and oils. You pay straight wholesale.

Frontier Catalogs include accessories, coffees and teas, herbs and spices, aromatherapy, personal items and cleaning items.  You only need to order 1 of an item.  You pay the wholesale price listed plus 15%

Use the order forms and catalogs below. You can scroll or use control-F to find a product or category.

Frontier Catalog (Excel) This is a huge database with detailed information about each product. Over 9000 lines of data.

Frontier Catalog (PDF)    This is a 324 page catalog with photos.

Order form (PDF)

Order form (Excel)

NOTICE!  NEW Ordering App for Golden Organics.  Click HERE for our newly- formatted downloadable catalog, This works way better than the previous app.


1.  Download the catalog to your device, and save as "GO order yourname.pdf"

2,  Type in the fillable fields:  Date, Name, Email and Phone.

3.  Scroll through the catalog and enter a QUANTITY for each item you want

     (NOTE:  You can still use 'ctrl-F)' to find specific items or departments.)

4. SAVE the file again, replacing the original.

5.  Attach the file to an email to:  Please write "GO

     Order" in the subject line.

THIS MAY SEEM COMPLEX BUT WILL ACTUALLY BE MUCH EASIER THAN THE FORMER ORDERING APP.  If you have trouble, you may still just email your order.