MicroLoan Investment Program

Coop members can earn 6% intereston funds loaned to the coop for a year or more.  Interest is paid annually on the anniversary date, and at that time lenders can decide to start taking monthly principle payments or roll it over for another year.  In the past, we have accepted loans from $300.00 to $10,000.00.  

Do you have savings that are not earning very much or nothing at all?  Do you have investments in companies with whom you don't really resonate? 

Consider joining the many members who have loaned funds to the coop and receive annual interest on their loans.  This is one of the ways that our coop has funded its amazing growth over the last eight years.  

This is one of the safest investments for your savings.  If you are interested, call the store or email for more information about the loan and our coop's financial stability:  taosfoodcoop@gmail.com.  575-758-3840.