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​​Store Hours:  Monday - Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

About Us

314 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte Suite E - F, Taos, NM • 575-758-3840 •

We now offer a wider variety of fresh produce, with special emphasis on veggies grown organically in New Mexico. We have supplemented with additional items from California, the US, Hawaii (turmeric), and Peru (ginger) and will continue to grow our produce offerings.

Susan Moore, Manager of Taos Food Coop, on why coops matter to the community.

Our volunteer-run grocery is 100% GMO-free and offers the healthiest, freshest, and tastiest groceries in town. You can shop with confidence, knowing that you are buying the finest foods, at the lowest prices possible. Organic foods from small growers and manufacturers ensure you are getting the most flavorful and nutritious foods.

Taos Food Coop retail store first opened on March 21, 2012. With a few volunteers and five bags of rice and beans, we started re-packaging and re-selling, and have steadily grown. We are now a grocery store with an excellent selection of food varieties, consistently offering the lowest prices in town for the highest quality and best tasting foods.

We are member-owned shop, run by a Board of Directors. Our staff is 100% volunteer, which contributes to not only keeping costs low, but also to engaging community. Contact us for more information about becoming a volunteer.

By growing steadily and keeping our purpose in mind, we know that we will eventually have a much broader selection and be able to pay dividends to all of our members. Every dollar of profit is re-invested into growing our inventory.