Mary's Non-GMO  Turkeys

​All sizes are $3.19 a pound, Members $2.87.  Please email a pre-order and specify the size you want.  ​Sizes available:  8-12, 12-16, 17-20.

Bone-in Breasts 7-8 lbs. ea.  $5.89/lb, Members $5,29/lb

Turkeys Available - Tom from Pollo Real will be at the Coop from 2:00 - 4:00 Monday 11-19!!!

Organic Heritage Turkeys from Pollo Real
No discounts on these.

Hen Turkey 8-12#  
Tom Turkey up to 20#     
50 hour turkey bone broth   
Boneless Breast (with skin)
Bone-in Breast
Ground Turkey Breast
Thighs, Legs and Wings
Turkey Sausage, Link, Breakfast
Turkey Sausage,Chub, Breakfast
Turkey Sausage, Link, Green Chile
Turkey Sausage, Chub, Breakfast

Embudo Organics Turkeys

We are getting only a small number this year.

$4.99.  Members $4.49 a pound.

Sizes available in the store now:  16-24 lbs.