Thanksgiving Order Form

​You may use this form until Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 5:00 pm

Reserve now and we will prepare your order for you.  You can then add selections from the store when you come in to pick it up.  This will save you time, help you get the turkey you want, and help us ensure that we have sufficient quantities.  You may designate a date and time for pick up, so customers don't arrive all at once.

Instructions: To use this simple app (below), fill in the customer details, then simply click in the box marked "select." You can search (i.e. type 'olives') and the list will display all items with that word; or you can scroll through the list of most common Thanksgiving items.  Enter the quantity.  When ordering turkeys, put the weight you desire in the "quantity" box.

Click "add new" for each additional item.  That is it!  The app will total your order and request you pay a $25.00 deposit via paypal.  You will receive an email summarizing your order.  Remember your final total is estimated.  It will vary somewhat because when you check out at the store the system will use the actual weight of the turkey and other weighed items.  Your member discount will be automatically applied at checkout.