New government regulations have opened the door to hemp cultivation and manufacturing for the first time since the 1950s.  According to those who have studied hemp for over 10 years, the industry is changing weekly and even daily.  

The changes have evoked responses from millionaires looking to open huge businesses, to small farmers and formulators hoping to create revolutionary products in the fields of textiles, construction, and health, among others.

Hemp: More than CBD

Along with the enthusiasm and the rush of innovators wanting to create new businesses has come the huge problem of how to regulate for quality.  Since this industry was dormant for so many years, knowledge of uses and techniques has to be rediscovered and improvised.  In the health industry, claims abound, and those in the know have discovered hemp grown in China and elsewhere being labeled as made in the  USA.  False claims of potency and purity are common, and it is difficult to know who to believe.  We have been experiencing as many as four vendors a week trying to get us to carry their products.

Fortunately Tamara Rice, CEO and Founder of Hemp Sail approached the Taos Food Coop and got our attention with her knowledge and proofs of quality.  She founded her company to help small businesses in this new industry grapple with the problems of regulation, labeling, types of distillation and interacting with one another.  She now distributes products under her own label as well as a few provided by others.  Every batch of raw hemp (sourced in Colorado) is not only organically grown, but is tested and certified to be pesticide-free.  Each and every batch of manufactured products must be accompanied by a third-party laboratory certified analysis.  

It did not take long for us to conclude that these are the products the Coop can stand behind.  One distinction to be made between these and other products is you will not find the initials CBD anywhere on the products.  Why?  Because that is only one of the constituents of full-spectrum hemp phytonutrients.  Regardless, research as well as personal stories are increasing daily, with evidence that properly-prepared hemp can offer amazing benefits for PTSD, anxiety, pain, physical healing and cellular health.

Hemp Sail is offering us products to resell at very reasonable prices, in the form of agave powder, oil, lotion, salve, flower bud and tea.  Please see the linked order form for a list of products and prices.  Orders can be picked up at the Taos Food Coop within a week, often sooner.  In addition, we can ship orders nationwide.  We are delighted to be able to offer these fine products at affordable prices.