Once you purchase your gift card, simply bring your receipt or your ID into the Coop the next time you shop. Your funds will be ready to use at checkout.

Gift Cards

An easy way to shop and support the Coop at the same time!  Purchase a gift card for yourself or others, and spend it gradually over time!  You get all your money back, check out quickly, and the coop benefits by having the cash for inventory up front!  

Gift Card Amount

Coop Loan Program

Members can earn 6% interest on funds loaned to the coop for a year or more.  Interest is paid annually on the anniversary date, and at that time lenders can decide to start taking monthly principle payments or roll it over for another year.  

Join the many members who have loaned funds to the coop and received annual interest on their loans from $500 to $10,000!  This is the primary way that our coop has funded its growth over the last eight years.  Call or email for details and your personal promissory note.  This is one of the safest investments and best returns you can get for your savings.

Go Fund Me  <--- Click Here

The easiest way to invest small to large amounts.  These donations are pledged to our new checkout system and new refrigerator and freezer for more space for frozen and chilled items!  Check it out by clicking the header above!